New site

Hello world,

I’m working on updating my site to make it a bit cleaner and dynamic. I have a notion to use social media less as my means of communicating with people who want to hear my music. I may not be able to break away altogether, but I feel like tending to my social media pages (as reluctantly and carelessly as I have) and neglecting my site is a missed opportunity to have more control over my content.

Probably one of the more informative and enjoyable bit of music-related reading I’ve done is Josh Ritter’s blog, Book of Jubilations. As a fan and fledgling songwriter at age 18, it was really nice to hear directly from Josh about his process. I may try something between journal and essay here. Maybe video. Or whatever else I want.

So here I go. Time for my site to evolve.

Thanks for being here


Peter OrenComment