Birrrd Releases *Summertime Sandy*

Birrrd is Edward (Ned) Joyner (voice, guitar, songs etc), Andy Beargie (drums, engineering, etc), and Glenn Myers (bass etc). I don’t exactly have the lowdown on who all was involved how, so I’ll likely edit later. EDIT: for the record, sounds like there were also contributions from Caleb Hickman, Chuck,Matt Romy, Shaun Fleming, Ryan Heimlich, and Drake Ritter. Seeking clarifications from Birrrd’s press people.

Ned and I both grew up in Columbus, IN, and we both went to Indiana University in Bloomington for college. I’m not sure if he made it through but I know I didn’t. It doesn’t feel like a stretch to say Birrrd is his project.

It’s always good to hear new music from Ned, as long as I’ve known him. Four of these songs i’ve already heard performed a number of times, but they sound great reimagined here.

Ned’s turned me on to a lot of good music. You might hear the influence in Summertime Sandy coming from Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Arthur Russell, and more.

I’ve seen him perform in all sorts of bands. The Cinnamon Telegram way back in high school outside the Starbucks on 46. Tuba. Lagoon Brothers. The Underhills. Pizza $1 (who only played at the end of college house shows, usually uninvited). Heyoka. Water. The list is surely incomplete. He’s played bluegrass and sung folk. At the last minute he decided Heyoka’s album should be reggae.

Ned contributed to my own musical development pretty significantly. He offered to play a supporting role with my music on guitar or keys or whatever when I was barely writing songs at all, and he essentially formed a band around me in 2012-2013 that we called Swales.

Ned and I hitchhiked together later in 2013 from Olympia, WA to San Francisco. We caught rides from someone with one functioning eye, someone who’d just gotten out of the drunk tank, someone who was drinking, and a retired zookeeper who said we smelled like apes. We slept kinda rough a lot of nights. It was pretty ridiculous.

Either he introduced me to Andy or David James did, but Andy Beargie ultimately recorded Swales. Later on, Glenn played with me too—he played bass on parts of my album Living by the Light. So I guess I’ve worked with everyone in Birrrd.

Anyways, I figured Birrrd would be a good start to adding bits of writing to my site. Stream on Sp*tify below or just search for it however you like to buy music. I think it’s digital only. You’ll figure it out.

Peter Oren