Playing with scarcity, abundance (+"Four Wheels" demo)

I’ve been thinking a lot about how difficult it is to make money with music and why.

The latest wave of technology has brought streaming and the increased affordability of recording equipment. Music is everywhere, you can have all of it, and it’s cheaper than ever to make.

It’s wonderful to live in abundance, but it’s a jarring transition when one part of the economy has solved the problem of scarcity but others haven’t. Like usual, those with the funds to cut through the noise can succeed either by feigning scarcity or mastering ubiquity.

In the middle of it all, I just love writing songs. I look forward to embracing abundance in a fully post-scarcity ecologically-sound economy, and I’ll try to get by as best I can while navigating the industry as it stands.

With that in mind, I’d like to flirt with both abundance and scarcity by occasionally releasing demos spontaneously. They will be available maybe for a few days for download. Maybe more maybe less.

I’d like to use my newsletter more often or else find a way for people to subscribe to my blog. If you stay tuned, you’ll have an opportunity to hear the tunes I write and think are hilarious and then never do anything with. I love writing.

Today, I’m putting up a demo for a song I wrote late last night called “Four Wheels.” I recorded it a couple times on my phone, and I’ll upload the latest phone recording. It honestly amazes me how good a recording on a phone can sound. It’s obviously rough, but hey, so are a lot of the rarities and demos people release twenty years into their career. I figure, why wait? Let’s enjoy the abundance and feign scarcity all at once!

Peter Oren